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Who is Dr. Bruce Lund?

Dr. Bruce is one of the most in-demand speakers in housing, banking, insurance, and financial services.

For over a decade, Dr. Bruce has trained thousands of salespeople and managers. His coaching journey began as a 25 year-old career author and speaker. He finished his PhD in Human Performance at 29, and became one of the youngest program directors in the Texas A&M system. Dr. Bruce was then recruited back into corporate America as VP of Sales and lead sales trainer for a top coaching company, helping grow revenue over $2 million annually.

In 2017, Dr. Bruce launched 90-Day Sales Manager, which has earned the reputation as a top sales onboarding program in housing, banking, insurance, and financial services. Dr. Bruce has spoken on some of the largest stages in North America including the Los Angeles Convention Center and Million-Dollar Roundtable. His content is featured on the most-respected platforms in the world including Breakthrough Broker with 600,000 users and MDRT with 65,000 members. The next big thing in training is here, his name is Dr. Bruce.

Workshop for Salespeople

5-Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople

“I need a system for that!” Have you ever said that to yourself? We’ve discovered that most salespeople have the skills, but they lack the systems that will take them to the next level in their careers. In this keynote, I’ll teach your group how to elevate their sales, marketing, and mindset to achieve new levels of personal and professional growth.

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Workshop for Managers

Brand New

Turn Managers into Coaches

Said nobody ever. But athletes love to play for great coaches. That’s because they know how to pull the potential out of them and use it to great winning teams. In this keynote, I’ll teach your managers how to attract, recruit, train, and retain better talent by becoming coaches who create a high-performance culture.

Specialized training for salespeople & managers in these industries:

Captivating Conversations

Specialty Topics

Having something to say is just as important as having somebody to say it to. You can have all the leads in the world but if you can’t articulate your personal value married with your unique customer experience then you’ll forever fall into the commodity trap. All great relationships start with shared beliefs and alignment. During this workshop, Dr. Bruce will help you work through the six components of a world-class opportunity statement to help you turn your pitch into money. People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. What you do simply proves what you believe.
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Let’s face it, prospecting is one of those words that most salespeople hear and their palms immediately start to sweat. Did you know that 65% of salespeople don’t have a CRM and 95% don’t have a selling system? During this workshop, Dr. Bruce will help you perfect your prospecting by working a consistent, disciplined selling system. To help you identify specific target markets and segments of your ideal clients. Teach you a system to make the initial contact, set the appointment, prep for the appointment, and conduct the appointment. Sales is simply a game of probability.
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All salespeople know that the fortune is in the follow-up. But why are so many afraid to go the distance? Most salespeople go just a few attempts and it sounds something like this… “I was just checking in with you” or “Can I answer anymore questions?” During this workshop, Dr. Bruce will drastically increase your confidence through his Fight Club Follow-Up system. If somebody is a motivated buyer and they fit your filter of somebody you want to do business with (and you believe you’re the best at what you do) then it’s your duty to FIGHT to earn the business.
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Do you have a unique customer experience that converts new clients into promoters or advocates of your business? Did you know it’s 5x more expensive to get a client than it is to keep one, and salespeople who seek out referrals/repeat business out-earn those who don’t by 6x? We believe that new client onboarding is the foundation for any long-term, sustainable business. Be transformational in a transactional world and reap these 3-rewards: Reviews, Referrals, Retention of clients.
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Motivated consumers use the first person they talk to 67% of the time. This is why we believe status sells. A brand reputation takes years to build through consistency, but our digital and traditional marketing systems can help accelerate your branding. To attract other people, we must become more attractive. There are more resources than ever before to build an attractive business. Our status sells marketing system will give you the exact blueprint on how we’ve helped grow some of the most-respected personal brands in housing, banking, insurance, and financial services.
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This isn’t just another workshop on time-block and time management. The 4-hour workday can change your life. We’ll help you be proactive by noon in the four most important areas of your business and in you life. Learn how to overcome the frustration gap and shift to celebrating your daily progress.

Our 90/30/90/30 time-block system is perfect for growth in your personal development, prospecting, marketing, and database management.

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Confidence is the one thing that effects everything. It’s the great exaggerator. It can either be our greatest asset or our biggest liability. When we have confidence on our side, we think we are a whole better, but when we don’t? We think we are much worse than we actually are. Let’s face it, business is 90% mindset. Sales can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions. During this workshop we’ll help you build, maintain, and protect your confidence.
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Without a plan of attack, you’re likely to jump from thing-to-thing and end up playing from behind every single day. Let’s face it, there are more sales and marketing ideas and technologies than ever before. Let’s help create a plan that best fits your business. During this workshop, Dr. Bruce will help you unpack the 3 P’s to Production: Performance. Productivity. Pipeline.
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Your network is your net-worth. In this workshop, we’ll help you build and organize your database through a selling system. We’ll help you maintain and protect your database through key performance indicators, time management, and world-class follow-up and marketing.
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We all hit a ceiling or a wall at some point in our careers (or lives). Life has a way of both challenging us and humbling us. When you hit a ceiling it feels like you’ve maxed out your potential, and can’t go any higher. When you run into a wall you feel emotions of fatigue and frustration. During this motivational workshop, Dr. Bruce will help you play at that next level.

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