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The 5-Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople

This business keynote has been delivered on some of the largest stages in the world such as the Los Angeles Convention Center and the New York City Marriott Marquis, and trusted by the largest organizations including Million-Dollar Roundtable with over 65,000 members world-wide. 

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" of the best sessions I’ve ever sat in on."

Million Dollar Round Table

Who is Dr. Bruce?

Audiences are delighted by Dr. Bruce's heart-of-a-teacher approach to business, sales, and marketing. His content is every bit inspiring as it is educational. That's because he uses his unique blend of professor turned entrepreneur. He didn't just wake up one day and call himself a coach like so many today. He's earned his pedigree as a world-class teacher, coach, mentor, and speaker to thousands.

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Workshops that Fit Your Needs!

All workshops come with our patented QuickRead (QR) Course which includes the Powerpoint and video lessons from Dr. Bruce for participants to take with them.

90-Mins or Less

All of Dr. Bruce's topics can fit into a 90-min or less training session, and come with his patented QuickRead (QR) Course so participants can take the content with them. Perfect for breakouts, webinars, and lunch-and-learns.


If you're looking for a business or sales & marketing deep-dive workshop then Dr. Bruce has two half-day training topics. Both come complete with a workbook and additional resources to help them execute.


Can't get enough of Dr. Bruce? His full-day submersion combines his business, sales, and marketing mastery workshops into his greatest hits packed into one intense but fun and positive day of coaching and training.

Half-Day or Full-Day


Half-Day: Sales & Marketing Mastery

The first 90-minutes is spent assessing personal and professional goals. The second 90-minutes is our proven plan for participants to drastically increase the probability for them to achieve their goals by 95%. This training comes with our 90-Day Sales Planner and patented "sales gamification scoreboard." 

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Half-Day: Business Mastery 

The 5-Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople is our flagship content that breaks down the five most imporant areas of any entrepreneurs business. We'll give you our five structures that consistently return a 40% return year-over-year by scaling out these missing stuctures in your business.

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Full-Day: Business. Sales & Marketing.

Combine both the sales & marketing mastery with our business mastery course to get all our greatest hits packed into one-day. This full-day submersion is like getting a doctorate in entrepreneurship. It's intense but will completely strip down every part of your business while giving your the systems and gameplan to go execute. 

Specialty Topics (90-Mins or Less)


The Opportunity Statement System

Having something to say is just as important as having somebody to say it to. During this course, Dr. Bruce will help you overcome the commodity trap of your job by helping you find, package, and sell your special. Learn how to become the buyer vs. the seller in every first interaction. There are six parts of a world-class opportunity statement you'll have down "on-paper" following this training. 

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The Proactive Prospecting System

Sales is a game of probability. Having coached thousands of salespeople, we've learned that 95% of salespeole don't have a consistent, disciplined selling system. Meaning they ride the sales rollercoaster every quarter and get burnout. The #1 "fear" of salespeole is prospecting. We believe prospecting is FUN when you (1) Have a client avatar; (2) Follow a selling system; (3) Know your KPI's.  

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The Fight Club Follow-Up System

Are you really good at what you do? Then it's your DUTY as a sales professional to fight to earn the business? It's that simple. Statistics tell us it takes 10-touches within a 90-day cycle to close a sale 80% of the time. Most salespople need to get tougher in the sales process. We'll strengthen your follow-up confidence as we teach you our 10-touch "with value" system to increase your follow-up-to-close ratio.  

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The New Client Onboarding System

There are 3-rewards to your business if you properly onboard new clients: Referrals, Reviews, Repeat Business. Most salespeople give it lip service when they say they are in the "relationship business." We'll teach you a 90-day onboarding process that will turn new clients into promoters to increase client retention and referrals by 5X. We believe everyday with your current client is an interview for your next client.

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The Status Sells Marketing System

Did you know that motivated buyers in commoditized industries use the first person they talk to 67% of the time? That's why "status sells." Our Status Sells Marketing System will teach you how to attract more people to your business by becoming more "attractive" to the market. Dr. Bruce will teach you how he grew his database over 1,500 people organically in a brand-new market despite not knowing a single person. 

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Customize a speaking topic for your event.

We are happy to pull from any of our speaking topics and work with you to customize them to fit the theme of your special event and the message you want attendees to leave talking about.

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"Your attendees will appreciate his fresh style and interest in everyone's success."

Steve McDonald
Tennessee REALTORS®


'Bruce brings so much energy and value to his presentations that you can't help but want to do better or go to the next level."...

Mortgage Executive

"Advisors wrestle with eloquently articulating the answer to 'what do you do?' Bruce helped our advisors succinctly craft a repeatable, conversational response that will undoubtedly provide more conviction to that answer resulting in more initial meetings."...


"Bruce is as good as it gets when it comes to hiring a speaker in the insurance and financial services space."...

2016 MDRT President

"Bruce provided our group with a system/methodology to explain in a unique and personal way how and why each of us does what we do. This is not a simple canned elevator speech… but rather a compelling reason for prospects to engage your services. It has changed my approach to prospecting and growi...

Director of Business Development

"We brought Bruce in to speak to our referral partners and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. He's a must-have speaker for any size event."...

AVP / Commercial Real Estate
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About Dr. Bruce

For over a decade, Dr. Bruce Lund has trained thousands of professionals all over the country.

His coaching journey began as a 25-year old career author and speaker to young professionals. Bruce earned a PhD in Human Performance at age 29, and was hired as program director and professor in the Texas A&M System.

He was then recruited back into corporate America as Director of Sales for a top entrepreneur coaching business. The company tripled revenue under Bruce's leadership, growing to a multi-million dollar coaching business in less than two years. During this time, Bruce was also in charge of coaching top producers all over the country as lead business trainer in real estate, mortgage, title, insurance, and financial services.

Bruce takes pride in his versatility of coaching top one-percenters, brand-new salespeople, and everything in-between. He does this through a "heart of a teacher" approach using his PhD in behavioral science to accelerate business growth in a fun, dynamic way.

Since launching his business less than 5-years ago, Dr. Bruce has been endorsed or trusted by some of the largest organizations in their respective fields in the world including Homebot, National Mortgage Insurance, BreakthroughBroker, and Million Dollar Roundtable to name a few. 

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