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Why become a coach?

For over a decade, Dr. Bruce Lund has trained thousands of professionals all over the country. His coaching journey began as a 25-year old career author and speaker to young professionals. Bruce earned a PhD in Human Performance at age 29, and became one of the youngest ever program director’s in the Texas A&M System. He then transitioned back into corporate America helping build a multi-million dollar coaching business as VP of Sales and lead trainer.

In 2017, Dr. Bruce launched his now widely popular 90-Day Sales Manager coaching program which has become one of the top sales onboarding platforms for new hires in housing, banking, insurance, and financial services. Dr. Bruce is consistently ranked in the top-5% of educational workshops. This is due to his heart-of-a-teacher approach to training.

Dr. Bruce has spoken at some of the largest global conferences including Million-Dollar Roundtable with over 65,000 insurance and financial services members. He’s spoken on some of the biggest stages including the Los Angeles Convention Center and New York City Marriott Marquis. His content is featured on some of the most respected platforms including Breakthrough Broker with over 500,000 users in real estate, mortgage, and title.

Dr. Bruce believes everybody needs a coach in life. Isn’t it time you found yours?

“Your attendees will appreciate his fresh style and interest in everyone's success. I would hire again!”
Steve McDonald
Tennessee REALTORS

5-Habits of Highly-Effective Salespeople

taught by Dr. Bruce Lund
Backed by years of training and studying top producers, along with statistical analysis, we’ve identified 5 habits that successful entrepreneurs posess.

“I need a system for that!”

Have you ever said that to yourself? Most salespeople have the skills, but often lack systems to help them reach their full potential as a small business owner.

What You'll Learn     we've got a system for that!

Opportunity Statement

Don’t be a commodity

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. There are 6-parts of a world-class opportunity statement to master so that you never commoditize yourself again in any first convo.


Proactive prospecting

How many leads a week do you need to hit your KPI’s? Who’s your target market? How are you setting up and conducting first appointments? Sales is a game of probability we’ll help you win.



Did you know it takes 7-15 touches within a 90-day cycle to close business 80% of the time? Our 10-touch follow-up system will increase both your confidence and your conversion ratio. Learn to FIGHT for the business.

Customer Experience

New client onboarding

We believe every one transformational deal should be worth 5.7 additional deals. Our 90-day onboarding process client will help you get the 3-rewards from business:
1) Reviews 2) Referrals
3) Repeat/retention of business.


Status sells marketing

Motivated buyers use the first person they talk to 67% of the time? This is why “status sells.” Our 3×1 marketing system will help you dominate the attention of your database while attracting new interest.

Turn Managers into Coaches

taught by Dr. Bruce Lund

Great coaches change lives. Period. We truly believe everybody needs a coach in life and that we are living during the coaching movement where you have a coach, you are a coach, or you will be left behind. If you have a “manager” title we’ll show you how to perform more like a coach.

Everybody Needs a Coach in Life!

“I’ll run through the wall for my manager.” Said nobody ever. But players love to play for great coaches. That’s because they know how to pull the potential out of them.

What You'll Learn     we can help you!

The Coaching Movement

Great coaches do 3-things: (1) Make us have conversation we don’t want to have; (2) Make us do things we don’t want to do; (3) Help us become something we never thought we could become.

Recruit & Attract Talent

Winning championships is a lot easier when you are able to recruit the right talent who fit your culture. The best way to attract talent is by showing a track record for winning.

Train Your Talent

Training isn’t something we “did” but something we DO. It’s an ongoing process that helps a player do something better tomorrow than they can today. Pull the potential out of talent.

Retain Your Talent

The best way to retain your talent is to empower them and support them. Empower them by expand-ing their own leadership, and support them by giving them the tools to continue to grow. Retain-ing talent is vital for success.

Dysfunctions of Teams

We believe that having something to say is just as important as having somebody to say it to. You will learn how to start with what you believe to increase quality leads in your pipeline.

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