Are you wasting money by not following up?

It’s an important question to ask. In this presentation, you’ll learn our 10-touch follow-up system that drastically increases close ratios.

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What’s the purpose of following up? To fight to earn the business. After you meet with a potential client for the first time and they fit your filter, are a motivated buyer, then why wouldn’t you fight for their business? Unfortunately, many salespeople lose out on thousands of dollars in yearly production due to poor follow-up. The fortune is always in the follow-up.


Fight Club Mindset

Why do we call it the fight club? Earn the business and get tough in the sales cycle.

Follow-Up Statistics

It takes 7-15 touches 80% of the time. Sales is a game.

A Touch with Value

Poor follow-up usually due to lack of (confidence, effort, time). Setup your CRM to help decrease slippage.


Touches 1-5

Lay the Foundation for the Ask

Touches 6-10

From Salesperson to Closer

Fight or Flight?

If no, scrub them from your ACTIVE selling system and move them to your database..


The Challenger Sale

3-T’s of a Challenger: Teaches, Tailors, Takes Control


Shift to investment. Always get what you pay for. Peace of mind, service, value.

Closers vs. Salespeople

Closers go the distance (contact sport). Sharpen your negotiation skills (Benjamin Franklin Approach). Follow your gut Instincts (be the buyer vs. the seller).



Dr. Bruce’s coaching journey began as a 25-year old career author and speaker to young professionals. Bruce earned his PhD in Human Performance at age 29, and was hired as one of the youngest ever program directors in the Texas A&M System.

In 2017, Dr. Bruce launched his own coaching platform and has spoken to thousands of salespeople and managers. Stages he’s been featured on include the LA Convention Center and NYC Marriott Marquis.

He’s been featured or endorsed by some of the most respected companies and associations in housing, banking, insurance, and financial including Million-Dollar Roundtable, BreakthroughBroker, Homebot, National MI, and many more!

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