Sales is a Game of Probability

Sales has never a game of certainty, but what if you could increase the probability that you will reach your production goals by 95%? Bruce will show you how.

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Perfecting Your Prospecting

Sales is a game of probability. 95% of salespeople don’t have a selling system, and cite prospecting as the #1 thing they struggle with the most. That’s because 95% of salespeople don’t have a selling system to help them be accountable to their goals in a fun, gamified way. During this course we’ll help you perfect your prospecting to drastically increase the probability of hitting your sales focus.


Set KPI’s

How many appointments (or leads) do you need to hit your KPI? Tangible number as measured weekly. What does it mean to be proactive? What does it mean to prospect? Be a level 5 prospector and business owner (whatever it takes).

Pipeline Assessment

Sales is a Game of Probability 10-Categories of people to move your database through. Download full course at Build a Dream 100 and an Active 200. The sales cycle is standard regardless of industry.

New Targets

Self-Lead Gen Focused = 90-Mins Per Day What’s a Target Market? What’s a Market Segment? Riches in the Niches... Where to start if brand-new? Sphere, community influencers, industry influencers, leads groups. If experienced? New/Current/Past Clients and Connectors.

Lead Generation

New Leads

Where are you leads coming from (HVA’s)? 1) Repeat / Retention Business 2) Client Referrals 3) Influencer Referrals (Connectors, Others) 4) Events = Networking | Speaking | Advocate 5) Marketing = Traditional | Digital | Paid


Events = Networking | Speaking | Advocate Networking = Get proximity to prosper (community or industry events) where the major players will be. Leads/Hobby groups. Speaking = Educational events with a captive audience. Advocate = Quarterly with entire database or regular doing the things you enjoy with the people you enjoy. Traditional Marketing = Newsletters, Direct Mailers, Dialers.

Digital Marketing

Status Sells Marketing System 30-mins per day (Stop and give me 10-mins) 1) B.F.F. 2) Go-Giver Social; 3) Gratitude Message. Top of Funnel = Lead Gen Page (with pixels) Middle of Funnel = Educate your current lists (paid ads) Bottom of Funnel = Not a matter of if but WHEN


Initial Contact

The goal for any initial contact is to set a formal appointment.

Help List Follow-Up

Could take 7-15 touches just to set the first appointment. Philosophy: How persistent should you be? If you don’t get ahold of them or they don’t return your call then how persistent are you? Never lose a referral to someone else.

Prep & Conduct

Prep: Good Doctor / Bad Doctor • Pre-Meeting ”hype” video. Confirm app. • Go into the meeting with an ice-breaker (social identity).



Dr. Bruce’s coaching journey began as a 25-year old career author and speaker to young professionals. Bruce earned his PhD in Human Performance at age 29, and was hired as one of the youngest ever program directors in the Texas A&M System.

In 2017, Dr. Bruce launched his own coaching platform and has spoken to thousands of salespeople and managers. Stages he’s been featured on include the LA Convention Center and NYC Marriott Marquis.

He’s been featured or endorsed by some of the most respected companies and associations in housing, banking, insurance, and financial including Million-Dollar Roundtable, BreakthroughBroker, Homebot, National MI, and many more!

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