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80% of the Average Workday Is Wasted on Non-essential Activities

According to Cornerstone Dynamics, most people waste nearly 30 hours every week on unimportant tasks that need not be done.

The culprit?

Think of all you could do with an extra 30 hours this week. Think of how much progress you could make toward your business goals.

Sure, we all get a little lost in the weeds sometimes while we’re working. Then before you know it, the day is over.

But bad habits are hard to shake. In just a couple of weeks or months, you can easily begin missing your sales targets, watching as late work piles up, and soon you’re overloaded and overwhelmed.

Maybe you’ve tried every productivity hack available, and you just can’t make it work for you.

Well, you’re in luck. There is help!

The truth is, you don’t have to be a productivity expert to master the first 4 hours of your workday.

You just need a proven system.

And that’s where The 4-Hour Workday has your back.

The 4-Hour Workday

How to Be Productive by Noon

Fit Your Most Important Tasks into Just 4-Hours a Day

The 4-Hour Workday is a course especially crafted to help you regain control of the first 4 hours of your workday. You may not get everything done, but you’ll substantially move the needle on your most valuable tasks.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the course:

The Magic System 

Discover the 90/90/30/30 timeblock system specifically designed for salespeople. You’ll get the same efficiency training as multi-million dollar business owners.

Proactivity Playbook

Learn what it takes to master your day before noon so you always complete the most important tasks first. Log out of work everyday with assurance that you are making tangible progress toward your goals.

Productivity Points

You’ll discover exactly how to schedule your day to minimize time inefficient activities and get more done in less time and with less wasted effort.

The best part of The 4-Hour Workday, is that it’s completely FREE! Smash that link below or click here to access the course now.

Hi, I’m Dr. Bruce Lund

For more than a decade, I’ve trained thousands of salespeople on how to make more sales, increase daily productivity, and exceed sales cycle goals again and again.

When it comes to sales (and life), I believe in two essential things:

In my life, I’ve had some truly amazing coaches and mentors that pushed me to get my Ph.D. in Human Performance. After my career with Texas A&M, I went on to help build a multi-million dollar sales training company.

And now I want to help hungry, humble, and coachable salespeople and entrepreneurs like you master your days and make more money than ever before.

The 4-Hour Workday is just one part of the total blueprint included in my complete 90-Day Sales Manager System, and it’s yours FREE.

Access The 4-Hour Workday for FREE right now.

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