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Workshops that Fit Your Needs!

Specialty Workshops

Looking for a lunch & learn or breakout-style workshop or webinar? Our specialty course is the perfect amount of content for your participants to master one single habit. See below for a full list of topics.

Half-Day Sales Planning

In need of an annual or quarterly sales and marketing planning session? Our participants are 95% more likely to achieve their plan. PLUS we share our proven selling system to 5x productivity and 6x production.

Full-Day Business Mastery

This business mastery deep-dive is a full-day experience. Dr. Bruce exclusively breaks down the 5-Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople. Perfect for team retreats or referral partner business development submersions.

QuickRead (QR) Book™

All our workshops include our patented QuickRead (QR) Book™. This includes companion videos from Dr. Bruce, 30+ PPT slides, and the companion workbook to take notes and complete course exercises during the presentation. $297 Value for FREE.

QuickRead (QR) book

hard copy to hand out at workshop to complete during the presentation.

PowerPoint download

participants will get all course materials including the updated PPT.

Course webinar

QR books include video companions from Dr. Bruce to revisit after the presentation.

Specialty Topics (60-Mins or Less)


Having something to say is just as important as having somebody to say it to. During this course, Dr. Bruce will help you overcome the commodity trap of your job by helping you find, package, and sell your special. Learn how to become the buyer vs. the seller in every first interaction. There are six parts of a world-class opportunity statement you'll have down "on-paper" following this training.


Sales is a game of probability. Having coached thousands of salespeople, we've learned that 95% of salespeople don't have a consistent, disciplined selling system. Meaning they ride the sales rollercoaster every quarter and get burnout. The #1 "fear" of salespeople is prospecting. We believe prospecting is FUN when you (1) Have a client avatar; (2) Follow a selling system; (3) Know your KPI's


Are you really good at what you do? Then it's your DUTY as a sales professional to fight to earn the business? It's that simple. Statistics tell us it takes 10-touches within a 90-day cycle to close a sale 80% of the time. Most salespeople need to get tougher in the sales process. We'll strengthen your follow-up confidence as we teach you our 10-touch "with value" system to increase your follow-up-to-close ratio.


There are 3-rewards to your business if you properly onboard new clients: Referrals, Reviews, Repeat Business. Most salespeople give it lip service when they say they are in the "relationship business." We'll teach you a 90-day onboarding process that will turn new clients into promoters to increase client retention and referrals by 5X. We believe everyday with your current client is an interview for your next client.


Did you know that motivated buyers in commoditized industries use the first person they talk to 67% of the time? That's why "status sells." Our Status Sells Marketing System will teach you how to attract more people to your business by becoming more "attractive" to the market. Dr. Bruce will teach you how he grew his database over 1,500 people organically in a brand-new market despite not knowing a single person.

Customize a speaking topic for your event.

We are happy to pull from any of our speaking topics and work with you to customize them to fit the theme of your special event and the message you want attendees to leave talking about.

If you are hosting "open-to-public" workshops then we'll help you market and maximize your events exposure.

Pick your topic and set a price.

Choose from our list of popular topics at 90daysales.com/speaking, or have us create a custom presentation to fit the needs of your event.

Fill out the event form.

Send us an email at [email protected] with the city and state of your event, along with a few dates and times you have in mind to get started.

Marketing Setup and materials.

Our team will create a Facebook Event page, co-branded one-sheet, and a co-branded promo video, as well as run targeted ads on Facebook. All for free!

Receive handouts 3-days prior.

Seven days prior to your event, our marketing center will send you a box with training materials for your registered attendees.

See you at the event.

Dr. Bruce will arrive atleast one hour before your event to test the powerpoint, mic, and mingle with your attendees as they arrive.

Exchange attendee list(s)

After your event, we'll send you the final attendee list from any signups from our end. We ask that, in exchange, you also send your list(s).


Book Speaking Topic

  • Perfect for company meetings or annual association events. Includes companion book (at cost).
  • Perfect for team and/or referral partner training. Includes companion book (at cost).