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Explanation of Services from Dr. Bruce

For over a decade, Dr. Bruce Lund has trained thousands of professionals all over the country.

I have two basic beliefs in life that trained people always outperform untrained people, and that everybody needs a coach in life.

I believe this because of the great coaches in my own life who pushed me as a college athlete and helped me receive a Ph.D. in Human Performance at age 29. All top performers have a great coach, teacher, or mentor who holds them accountable to their goals and reaches their potential faster. Having coached thousands of salespeople over the past decade and helping build a multi-million dollar business, I know this is especially true in the sales world. 

Because of these beliefs, I help salespeople in commoditized industries increase productivity and double their production without the years and years of overwhelming frustration. 









I believe great coaches do 3-things for us:

1) They make us have conversations we don’t want to have.
2) They make us do things we don’t really want to do.
3) But they help us become something we never thought we could become.

“Dr. Bruce is the next big thing in the sales training business.” – Eric Sachs, Founder of Break through Broker

Why 90-Day Sales?

In 2017, Dr. Bruce moved from Nashville to Denver to launch 90-Day Sales Manager despite not knowing a single person in Colorado. The coaching program was quickly recognized in Denver as a go-to sales onboarding for rookie agents, loan officers, and advisors.

During that same year, Dr. Bruce hosted an event called “Mile High Millions in Real Estate” which attracted some of the biggest producers in the country and had nearly 500 salespeople in attendance. 

The rest as they say is history as 90-Day Sales Manager spreads all over the world as a top sales onboarding and accountability program for salespeople in commoditized industries. 

Our sales community outperform others in three key performance indicators: Pipeline, Production, and Productivity. Learn how we’ve helped brand-new salespeople become Rookies-of-the-Year, and mid-level producers become top producers in multiple industries all over the world. 


Book Speaking Topic

  • Perfect for company meetings or annual association events. Includes companion book (at cost).
  • Perfect for team and/or referral partner training. Includes companion book (at cost).