Habit #3 | Dr. Bruce

Dr. Bruce

Are you wasting money by not following up?

It’s an important question to ask. In this presentation, you’ll learn our 10-touch follow-up system that drastically increases close ratios.

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Get a fight club mindset

Once you know someone fits your filter and is a good match for your services, you now have to fight to earn the business. We will show you how to get tough in sales to close the deal.

Learn types of follow-up

There are two types of follow-ups: before the sale and after the close. You’ll learn how to stay top of mind whether your contact is a lead or a long time client.

Master a “touch-with-value”

Having something to say is just as important as having somebody to say it to. We will show you our “touch-with-value” system, how to use social proof to close deals, and how to overcome objections.

Establish triggers

The most powerful way to earn business is through social proof. We will show you easy ways to trigger clients to give reviews of your services, their experiences, and how great you are.

Decide to fight or flight

Salespeople either try to appeal to the masses, or go after the customers that share their beliefs. You will learn how to fight for the right customers and run away from the others.

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