Dr. Bruce

"I need a system for that"

Have you ever said that to yourself? We’ve discovered that most salespeople have the skills, but they lack the systems that will take them to the next level.

What You'll Learn     we've got a system for that!


Package Your Special

People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. You will develop your own will attract vs. chase prospects. This is not an elevator pitch.


Master A Selling System

90% of salespeople don’t have an effective selling system. You will learn and implement our powerful Proactive Prospecting selling a system to streamline your sales pipeline and CRM.


Close Deals Quicker

In sales, we all know that the fortune is in the follow-up. But why do salespeople only go a few week attempts then? You’ll master our 10-touch-follow-up system that drastically increase close ratios.


Gain Word-Of-Mouth

Great people tell other great people just how great you are. We will show you how to extract 5-6 referrals from every client using your unique onboarding and customer experience.


Shift Your Mindset

Did you know that buyers use the first person they talk 67% of the time? Learn how to be the must-have, go-to person in your space by elevating your brand status booth online and offline.

Book Speaking Topic

  • Perfect for company meetings or annual association events. Includes companion book (at cost).
  • Perfect for team and/or referral partner training. Includes companion book (at cost).