Habit #2 | Dr. Bruce

Dr. Bruce

Sales is a Game of Probability

Sales has never a game of certainty, but what if you could increase the probability that you will reach your production goals by 95%? Bruce will show you how.

What You'll Learn     We can increase your productivity!

QuickRead (QR) Course™

This workshop comes with FREE access to our patented QuickRead (QR) Course™ which includes a video lesson from Dr. Bruce, 30+ PPT slides, and the companion workbook to take notes and complete course exercises. $297 Value for FREE.

QuickRead (QR) book

to hand out at speaking events.

PowerPoint template for your course(s)

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Evergreen webinar to house on your website

or Facebook to attract leads.

Master a selling system

Over 90% of sales professionals don’t have a daily disciplined system for accountability. Learn our Proactive Prospecting Selling system proven to increase database growth 40%.

What is Proactive Prospecting?

Sales is a game of probability. We break down the science of proactive prospecting through filters, target markets, and market segments to give you 10+ new warm leads per week.

Increase your productivity

Entrepreneurs know how to get stuff done rather than giving up. You will discover professional activities that you should be doing, and amateur activities that you should avoid.

Pipeline Autopsy

Learn how to increase your pipeline to 250 active people or “scrub”
your current database down to 250 active people through our
pipeline autopsy.

Book Speaking Topic

  • Perfect for company meetings or annual association events. Includes companion book (at cost).
  • Perfect for team and/or referral partner training. Includes companion book (at cost).